If you have an eye for design and color and you know how to use graphics programs you might be able then to make money off of this knowledge and skill. The way to do this would be to design some wallpapers for mobile phones and then sell them. This could be a very easy way for you to earn some extra crash. Anyone who owns a cell phone loves to have a good variety of wallpapers to choose from so if you are artistic you might want to find out how to get started.

First you need to start creating your wallpapers. You should pick photos that have really dark and rich colors and the artwork needs to have really clean lines. Some of the best wallpapers have spaces that are quiet where the icons can sit and stay easily visible. If the photo has too much going on then it’s going to be hard for the person to see their icons on the screen.

After you have created some wallpapers then you need to sign up at places that sell wallpapers. A couple of good places to join would be Myxer or Customtonez. Both of these sites will allow artists to upload the art they’ve created and then give them the opportunity to sell their art and they will even let them set their own prices. All you will need to have besides an online account is an account with PayPal as well. This is because there needs to be a way in which you can get paid.

If you have your own website, you can sell your wallpapers from there as well. All you have to do is have a PayPal account and then create a shopping cart that you can place on your website with check out buttons. This make it very easy for people to buy wallpapers from your site while being secure for them at the same time.

You need to make sure that any pictures you might use in your wallpapers are not protected by any copyright laws. You don’t need that kind of a problem on your hands. So make sure that the images you use are copyright free or that they are your own personal images.

If you are looking to attract more people to come and buy your wallpaper then you might want to try having promotions or offer special deals to help peak their interest in what you have to offer. A good way to do that is to offer 2 for 1 deals or give them a free ringtone with every purchase. People always love to get something free when they buy something.

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