For businesses, the cell phone has opened up an entirely different type of advertising strategy and that would be the mobile marketing strategy by using what is known as SMS or Short Message Service. Many businesses have found that this is becoming a great promotional tool by delivering promotions through a very fast delivery service that has many different customizing features if of course the receiver has given permission to receive these kinds of messages. Here are a few strategies that marketers use to try and promote their business or product.

For years and years the coupon has been one of the most highly favored ways in which marketers try and entice their customers to buy something Today, they can use an SMS coupon type promotion and it can be done in different layers. A mobile number can be published on a website, have it printed or sent direct mail. Or there can be store fronts set up that urge their customers to use their mobile devices to send in a request for a certain coupon or special offer. The customers then will call the published number, they will hear a message and then will instantly be sent a text with a coupon code or a discount amount.

A good example is McDonalds in Australia who offered their customers the chance to win lunch vouchers by sending their name through an SMS text to a certain phone number. This then would give them a voucher and the company then would be able to send them future text messages that would contain more promotions. This has been very successful for them with a good response from customers.

Another strategy is to use polls and surveys that will help a business gain insight into what their customers wants and needs are. This also opens up the opportunity to promote their products or their services at the same time. They can conduct real time polls on questions that pertain to their business. For instance a clothing store might send a poll out asking what kind of summer cloths people might prefer, what colors, sizes, etc. This then in turn will help the person who runs the store figure out what to have in stock at the store for their customers or what to offer online if they sell items online.

Another strategy used is one where there are service reminders sent to cell phones. Today you might see a lot of dental and medical offices using this in order to keep down on missed or canceled appointments. It is also a good way to keep in contact with customers who have bought products that require maintenance done on them in order to continue working properly. Especially cars for their oil changes or tuneups. Take further some may even use a service reminder for services like pest control, lawn service, home repairs and other businesses that deal with repeat business and repeat customers.

SMS can also be used for a type of communication that could be set up between different businesses such as vendors for supplies and different types of contracts that might be ongoing. Overall, SMS is a quick and easy way for businesses and professionals to keep in touch with their customers and clients.

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