You probably already know just how easy it can be for you to forget how often you are using your mobile phone and how quickly that bill of your can grow each month. There are so many people calling you and texting you and so many things that you find yourself doing with your phone yourself that before you know it, your monthly bill has shot through the roof. However, there is help and you can learn to manage your bill a lot better if you follow the few steps listed here.

You need to make sure that your cell phone has caller ID on it and then you can actually use your phone more like a pager. You do this by looking to see who it is that is calling and simply don’t answer it. Get to a land line and then call the person back that was trying to get a hold of you.

You can manage the minutes on your phone better if you check the feature that lets you know how many minutes you’ve piled up. You should do this periodically and can be done on all cell phones. Although accessing it may be different each phone, they all come with this feature. If you keep track of your minutes in this manner it’s going to make you more alert to just how many minutes you are starting to pile up during the month and it should help you to cut down on your phone use.

If your calling plan has special offers during certain times of the day or night or on weekends, then you need to take full advantage of these offers. Try and do your best to put off your calls until you can utilize the offers that your calling plan has. Especially if there are certain nights that are free. Also make sure that you are aware of all of your cell plan’s restrictions.

Make sure to be on a plan that is going to best suit your personal needs when it comes to using your phone. For instance if you see that you are going over and you are being charged some premium per minute rate when you go over a certain amount then you might want to go to a different level on your plan so that it becomes more cost effective for you. On the other hand if you happen to have too many unused minutes on your phone at the end of the month then downgrade to save money.

Consider doing bundling of text messages as well as picture messages. If you bundle you will be paying a flat rate for the month instead of paying per message. So you won’t be getting charged premium prices for each message you send.

You also need to make sure that you pick the right network for you and your phone. You may find that a different network might be a lot better for the kinds of things that you need to use your phone for so don’t be afraid to call around and see if there are better plans and services out there for you. Another thing you can do is consider joining a shared plan with another family member or even a friend of yours in order for both of you to save money.

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